"Faith Alone in Christ Alone"

Riverwood Bible Church exists to glorify God through the preaching and teaching of His Word, the  proclamation of the Gospel both locally and globally, and the shepherding of His people.”

Balanced Biblical Ministry – Riverwood attempts to maintain a Biblical balance in each aspect of our ministry. The focus of our Elders is not, “What do people want?” but, “What do people need?” A balanced Biblical ministry always keeps the focus of ministry on the Word of God rather than the experience of people.

Maturing Christians – The Church is the assembly of those God has called out of the world unto Himself. It is the “Body of Christ.” The primary purpose of the Church is the spiritual growth of Christians. Believers gather with one another and around the Word of God with the desire to grow in likeness to Jesus Christ.

Biblical Teaching – The focus of Church leadership is the teaching of the Word of God. Both exegetical and expositional teaching allow the Word of God to speak for itself. We typically study the Bible word-by-word, verse-by-verse, and book-by-book. It is the Word of God alone that converts the sinner, trains the new Believer and strengthens and guides the older Believer. (To listen to messages by our pastors, please click here).

Active Elder Oversight – The New Testament Church was built around mature men who were trained in the doctrine of God’s Word. These men taught, guided, and guarded the Body of Christ. They gave “oversight” to the health and welfare of the assembly. The New Testament still gives the instruction for every Believer to be under elder oversight. We attempt to maintain this New Testament pattern.