Greenfield Chapel

A picture taken in 2016 of our first church building, then called the Greenfield Chapel

Riverwood Bible Church was founded out of a hunger for clear and accurate teaching from the text of God’s Word, the Bible. In the mid 1940’s a minister without a church  was asked to lead a series of evangelistic meetings under a tent in a newly opened subdivision north of Jackson. Those meetings eventually grew into a regular Sunday service for a small congregation of about 50 people. The Greenfield Chapel, as it was then known, moved in 1964 to North State Street in downtown Jackson and became the North State Bible Church. In 1971 the church moved to a larger property in northeast Jackson, the same property that Riverwood Bible Church today calls home. Though the church has undergone various changes over the years, the God who first opened our doors has always remained the same.

From its  founding the church has been centered around  the teaching of God’s Word. We have also been blessed with people who are committed to fervent prayer for God’s will to be accomplished. As the church has grown, missions support has also grown and today we enjoy close, long-standing, personal relationships with over twenty missionaries serving in countries around the world.

God has truly shown Himself to be faithful and we are grateful to Him for continued opportunities to serve in light of all of His goodness to us. In Revelation 2:2-4, the church at Ephesus is warned not to abandon their first love. It’s our prayer that we might be guarded from “doing church well” but forsaking our first love, Jesus Christ.  Whatever we do, whether in word or in deed, we as a church desire to love Jesus Christ with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Soli Deo Gloria!